The Scottish Pool Association

The Scottish National Pool Association was set up in 1979 by a group from Edinburgh lead by Mr Jack Curran, the title was changed in the late 80s to the Scottish Pool Association.

Our aim was to develop the small ball game into a sport played by all, but it was not until a certain Mick McGoldrick was elected as Chairman of the Association did Scottish pool really start to be organised.

Now we have tours for all sections, along with academies set up all over Scotland to develop from the younger generation starting to take up our sport.

The SPA has established itself as the premier Blackball nation in the world by winning more titles than any other nation in the European and World championships.

We are members of the EBA, BI and the WPA and in just over 40 years we have gone from a game to a sport played throughout the world.

Ross McInnes
President SPA.